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All labour for repairs is calculated on an hourly rate.

No repair is ever too big or too small! If you have a 

question relating to bicycle maintenance feel free to ask.

A range of services are on offer to cater for all bicycle needs :

    A good regular check up for new bikes or those
  •  that don't see the sunlight too often.
  • Ask about our SAFETY CHECK plus NEW CABLES
    Concentrates on derailleurs, brakes, grease or
  •  replace all cables, wheel truing, all bearings
  •  inspection and adjustment, full degrease and 
  • lube, checking for wear on drive-train system
  •  and inspection of tyres, inspect and clean frame.
    Where your bike is fully disassembled, all components
  •  degreased and then reassembled with care and precision, 
  • wheels are trued in the jig and all cables replaced with new.

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How do I know if my bike needs a service?

 If you are a regular bike rider, your bike should be inspected once a year. By simply dropping by our workshop we can let you know, on the spot, whether your bike needs a simple safety check and tune or is due for a more thorough service.

 It's as easy as that! Obviously, if your bike is making moans and groans or strange squeaks have it seen to ASAP, early treatment will save you money.

Other Services Available - Our shop has a reputation for personal attention to any service requirement.


  • Wheel building and wheel truing                                    
  • Tyre & Tube Repairs
  • Spoke Replacement
  • Tubular/singles replacement
  • Hub bearing overhauls

Running Gear

  • Hydraulic & rim pad inspection & replace
  • Hydraulic brake bleeding
  • Cable installation
  • Gear lever clean & lube
  • Derailleur tune
  • Derailleur Hanger alignment &/or thread replacement
  • Brake tune
  • Drive-train wear assessment & replacement
  • Chain guide installation
  • Chain-ring replacement
  • BB & Headset Bearing fit or overhaul
  • Helicoil installation for crank pedal threads
  • Thread tapping 5, 6, 10mm
  • Front suspension overhauls
  • Helicoil installation for crank pedal threads


  • Frame repairs                                                                   
  • Spray painting
  • Dropout alignment
  • Bike restoration
  • Bike fit advice
  • Swingarm bushing replacement
  • Surfboard & pannier rack fitting                                            
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